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The new SLD-HB-SOL flat high bay luminaire from Lumingen Technologies continues in their tradition of building to the highest possible standards of quality, performance, and reliability. This fixture utilizes the very best components and features a design that is both extremely solid and durable, and also aesthetically pleasing.

These lights would be equally at home in a factory or warehouse, a gymnasium or a retail setting. Lumingen’s engineers spent countless hours designing a product that could incorporate our high-quality standards and still be manufactured at a price point that allows you to offer your clients an economical solution to their lighting needs in the increasingly competitive marketplace.

The SLD-HB-SOL has a rated L70 lifetime of 250,000 hours and an actual delivered 133 lumens/watt. With delivered light values of up to 31,000 lumens and the wide variety of beam angles we offer, this fixture can satisfy a very large number of lighting requirements. The frosted lens that is available for this fixture allows it to deliver appropriate foot candles to a facility while still eliminating glare. This makes it a particularly good solution for warehouses, workshops, and gymnasiums that host sports such as volleyball.


  • Warehouse
  • Retail
  • Office
  • Shopping Mall
  • Garage
  • Recreation Center
  • Temple
  • Church


Lumens (lm)
Wattage (W)Delivered
Efficacy (lm/W)

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