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The family of luminaries represents the future of industrial lighting. They provide the answer for high bay or low mast lighting, whether, in a warehouse, parking lot, or anywhere large area lighting is needed. These lights can replace up to and including 1,000-watt conventional lights at a fraction of the cost. This product features an IP 67 rating and a unique lensing material that qualifies it for many interior and exterior applications, such as heavy industrial settings, gyms, convention centers, recreation centers, food preparation facilities, or warehouses.

Designed to operate at peak efficiency for a minimum of 120,000 hours, they offer you dependable performance for many years. Additionally, Designed and developed in North America to fit the requirements of our unique market, this fixture is incredibly lightweight, yet more powerful and robust than any other luminaire in the marketplace. This highly efficient, cost-effective luminaire presents the best possible solution for either new construction projects or lighting retrofits. The wide range of light levels available for this luminaire means that it provides the perfect solution for your particular application.


  • Warehouse
  • Parking Lots
  • Recreation Centers
  • Convention Center
  • Food Processing Facility
  • Hanger


Lumens (lm)
Wattage (W)Delivered
Efficacy (lm/W)

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